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We help UK SMEs free up their cash flow by providing access to invoice discounting services at the best rates available by matching them with investors.

The financial system isn’t set up for small businesses. Diaspora Finance is. We’ve created personalised and bespoke finance solutions tailored to your needs.

Representing 99% of all companies in the UK, responsible for half of the world’s GDP and employing around two-thirds of the global population, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the engine of the global economy. But every single day, 80% of their funding requests are rejected. And things are getting worse, not better. Diaspora wants to fix that.

At its heart, Diaspora Finance’s vision is a simple one: we believe serious entrepreneurs should have the finance they need to trade and grow. We envisage a truly global platform where each and every entrepreneur is given a helping hand to grow their business, no matter where they are from. From a manufacturing start-up in London to a small coffee trader in Ethiopia, a wine exporter in Italy, or an artisan in Thailand…we want you to join our Diaspora and grow your business alongside us.

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We understand the day-to-day needs and challenges of small companies, and we know that no two businesses are the same. We want to understand, support and grow your business alongside you.

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Meet the Team

Ibrahim Farag

Chief Executive Officer

Johanna Courtney

Chief Marketing Officer

David Chae

Senior Vice President / CTO


At Diaspora, we firmly believe that our diversity helps us strengthen our team. Our team comprises talent from four continents, drawing upon experience gained in markets from South America to the Middle East, South Africa, the UK, Europe, Turkey, India, China and Korea. We believe this equips us with the on-the-ground knowledge we need in order to meet our objectives.

We met in London with a passion for the very latest tech and the limitless capabilities it can offer. United with a vision to lead a financial movement, drawing from our own personal and professional experience that there ‘must be a better way’ of surviving and thriving in the modern world, we believe the time is now for the financial system to be shaken-up. With a desire to combine our talents we are on a mission to give the underbanked a voice and to help SMEs gain access to funds that have traditionally been reserved for well-established organisations. By cutting through the bureaucracy of the financial giants we can help create economic efficiency, growth, employment, trade and happiness.

Our Core Values

Diaspora is a dynamic, innovative and honest company shaped by the people who work here and upheld by our founder and CEO, Ibrahim Farag. Together, we are a fast-growing team of ambitious individuals who are united by wanting to make a difference in the world. So when it came to pinpointing what values unite us – we all agreed that our genuine relationships with each other, our clients and investor partners is what makes Diaspora unique. We believe openness and honesty is vital for success, we work daily to find new ways to make the lives of our clients and colleagues simpler and we are all massive fans of tech.

Our values are core to everything that we do, every single day. They are visible in every interaction we have with each other, our clients and our investors.

We are:

Committed to Small Businesses