DiasporaFinance is Launching: Register for early access to ease working capital for SMEs and increase returns for investors.

DiasporaFinance is Launching: Register for early access to ease working capital for SMEs and increase returns for investors.

The countdown to the launch of DiasporaFinance trade platform has officially begun and
we’re looking for early users to test our platform and provide valuable feedback so that we
can ensure a first-class service for businesses of all shapes and sizes and Investors across the
UK. If you’re a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) or an investor, read more to find
out how our platform can improve the way you do business.

For SMEs

Could you benefit from an instant cash injection into your business to increase capacity
rather than waiting 30+ days to receive payments from customers? Are you an SME often in
tight liquidity situations due to long credit periods imposed by powerful buyers who are
difficult to negotiate with? DiasporaFinance allows you to raise against your outstanding
invoices by matching you with investors who want to help you to grow and scale your
business. Advance rates are up to 90%.


1. Register on our platform – upload your business information to become verified
2. Upload your invoices – we will credit check your customer
3. Receive bids from investors – a full quote breakdown is provided with no hidden fees
4. Choose and accept a bid to receive the cash advance within hours
5. We take care of the collections process with your customer – so you can focus on
running your business


Institutional investors are now looking at ways to access trade finance assets to enhance their returns and so should you. The trade finance gap stands at $1.5 trillion annually and trade finance is one of the lowest risk, scalable and easiest to manage investment opportunities in the institutional market. Using powerful filtering options, investors can select potential opportunities among a highly liquid asset class and become an alternative
Peer-2-Peer lender for the SMEs who form the backbone of our economy.


6. Register on our platform
7. Bid on invoices – you retain control, making informed decisions on which invoices
you would like to invest in and acquire at a discount. We conduct all necessary,
credit, KYC, AML and CFT checks, and also offer additional credit insurance.
8. Once your bid is accepted, the funds are advanced to the SME
9. At the end of the agreed credit term, the buyer pays the invoice in full and you
receive 100% of the invoice value, minus our service fee.


Register now for exclusive early access to the DiasporaFinance platform, so that you can be
prepared and understand how to use it, and provide us with any feedback to improve your

or you email us directly at info@diasporafinance.com

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