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Game-changing alternative investment opportunities

As a leading alternative finance provider dedicated to funding growing and ambitious SMEs, DiasporaFinance enables investors to invest in direct commercial loans to UK SMEs. Filling the gap created by the reluctance of traditional banks to service the SME sector, we specialise in trade finance products that ate underpinned by bespoke platform.

By attracting firms seeking funding and connecting them with investors seeking to fund them, we are driving value into the market and challenging the traditional trade finance banking norms.

At its heart, DiasporaFinance’s vision is a simple one: we believe investors should be able to receive fair and transparent returns on their investments as well as the liberty to decide and track where their investments are channelled.

Lending directly to SMEs is a way for investors to add an income stream to investment portfolios. Using powerful filtering options, our investors can select potential opportunities among the highly liquid trade finance asset class, gaining an unprecedented opportunity to disrupt the long chain of banking and non-banking financial intermediation.

Our senior management team has extensive experience across banking, asset management, technology and operations and is well placed to understand the needs of institutional investors and deliver bespoke solutions.

Is DiasporaFinance the right investment for me?

DiasporaFinance focuses solely on connecting UK small businesses to the financial system. Using AI and machine learning, it creates an accurate picture of asset risk to enable investors to tap into the highly-profitable SME segment, while enabling SMEs to access the right support at the right time, reducing the credit risk and making SME finance more feasible and affordable.

With products ranging from invoice factoring to contract finance, sophisticated algorithms connected to global databases identify the payment patterns of the debtor, as well as rates for both insuring and factoring invoices, enabling investors to identify opportunities within their risk appetite.

On the DiasporaFinance platform, investors, banks, trade finance funds, and high net worth individuals seeking to expose their capital to the generous returns of the trade finance space are matched with SMEs seeking finance to operate their business.

DiasporaFinance combines a traditional trade finance model with a technology platform and on-the-ground local knowledge, to facilitate social lending that grows by trustworthy referrals and allows investors to track their investments and returns in real time. Investors should note their capital is at risk, and that their investment is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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