Supply Chain Finance

Boost your supply chain liquidity

Take the pressure off and cover your outstanding supplier invoices to free up money for your day-to-day needs. We’ll take care of paying your suppliers for goods you purchase, or extend you credit to pay your suppliers, both locally or overseas.

Take advantage of bulk-buying discounts, stock up on inventory and maintain good relationships with key suppliers to ensure you always remain one step ahead of your competition.

Don't wait to get the cash you need
How it works

Pay your suppliers in just a few simple steps:

1. On-boarding and set-up Our integrated system checks company information and verifies identification documents in real-time, creating your Diaspora dashboard.

2. Upload your supplier invoices A simple, easy-to-use platform will request creditor details, payment due date and discount amount.

3. Get a quote and accept it Our integrated platform will perform initial assessments, giving you an indicative rate of financing.

4. Investor matching Once you’re happy with the quote, you will be matched to investors.

5. Your suppliers get paid After being matched with an investor, your supplier will receive the funds.

6. Get a return on your investment Once the debtor has paid, the full amount will be advanced into the investor’s wallet. The investor can choose to withdraw the funds or allocate them to other invoices.

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