What We Do?

Funding solutions customised around your precise needs

We provide quick and sensible funding solutions to hard-working business owners who can’t get the financing they need to grow.


We provide an integrated solution which matches UK SMEs to investors to give them access to finance at the best available rates.

Machine learning, AI and automated investment selection from pre-set investment criteria.

Easy to use and integrate with existing banking platforms and accounting software.

Financial intelligence helping SMEs to optimise their financial management and performance.

Quick and easy funding allowing SMEs to grow without worrying about cash flow issues.

Unlock cash tied up in long invoice payment terms. Borrow against your outstanding invoices, and let us take over the collections process, freeing you up to concentrate on growing your business. Unlock cash flow without getting locked in.

Unlock cash flow

Get the confidence you need to land new clients, safe in the knowledge you can fulfill the order.

Fund your business growth

Manage working capital flows by letting us cover supplier payments until you get paid for a contract.

Get liquidity to boost your supply chain

SMEs are drawn to us because of our transparent fee structure, flexible funding options, and quick decision times, but they stay because of our reliable service and relationships with some of the world’s top investors, who demand the diversification, security, and high yields that our asset-backed portfolio of global SMEs from a diverse range of markets represent.

Tap into the growing SME segment